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Current Research

Marijuana Outcomes Study Team (Project MOST)

Project MOST examines how personality traits, emotional functioning, personal beliefs, and motivations relate to marijuana-related outcomes (e.g., marijuana use, marijuana-related problems) among college students. This study is being conducted in collaboration with researchers at the University of New Mexico, Auburn University, Colorado State University, University of Kansas, University of Central Florida, University of Memphis, Pennsylvania State University, Old Dominion University, University at Buffalo, UCLA, University of Houston, and University of Washington.

MOST Investigators (2016-2017)

Coordinating PI:

Matthew R. Pearson, University of New Mexico


Site PIs:

Matthew R. Pearson, University of New Mexico

Bradley T. Conner, Colorado State University

Robert D. Dvorak, University of Central Florida

James M. Henson, Old Dominion University

Clayton Neighbors, University of Houston

Chris J. Coreia, Auburn University

Lara A. Ray, University of California, Los Angeles

Bruce S. Liese, University of Kansas

Kevin King, University of Washington

Jennifer P. Read, University at Buffalo

James G. Murphy, University of Memphis

John T. P. Hustad, Pennsylvania State University



Adrian J. Bravo, University of New Mexico

Mark A. Prince, Colorado State University

Jamie E. Parnes, Colorado State University

Eric R. Pedersen, RAND

Amber M. Anthenien, University of Houston

Sharon A. Radomski, University at Buffalo

Gregory A. Egerton, University at Buffalo

Xuan-Thanh Nguyen, University of California, Los Angeles