The Cross-Cultural Addiction Study Team (CAST) is a collective of international scientists in the behavioral sciences with a shared vision of answering meaningful research questions regarding addictive behaviors (predominately substance use) that have important global policy, prevention, and/or treatment implications. It is led by Dr. Adrian Bravo, assistant professor at the College of William & Mary.

To date three studies have been proposed/completed that examine whether the relationships between risk/protective factors and substance misuse among college students differentiate cross-culturally. In our first project (Project CAS), we cross-culturally examined distal and proximal antecedents of alcohol misuse among college students from Argentina, Spain, and the U.S.  In our second study (Project CMS) we cross-culturally examined various antecedents to marijuana outcomes among college students from 5 countries (Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Netherlands, and the U.S.).  Our third study (Project CABS) is an ongoing study that examines college student co-use of various drugs (alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs) and outcomes in 7 countries (i.e., Argentina, England, Uruguay, Canada, Spain, South Africa, and the U.S.).