Spanish Version of YAACQ

Through a collaboration with Dr. Angelina Pilatti at the National University of Cordoba, in Cordoba, Argentina, the YAACQ and its briefer version, the BYAACQ, have been translated into Spanish.  Spanish versions of these measures can be obtained by contacting Dr. Read (



Pilatti, Angelina; Read, Jennifer P.; del V. Vera, Belén; Caneto, Florencia; Garimaldi, Javier A.; Kahler, Christopher W.; (2014). The Spanish version of the Brief Young Adult Alcohol Consequences Questionnaire (B-YAACQ): A Rasch Model analysis. Addictive Behaviors, 39, 842-847.

Pilatti, A., Read, J.P., Canetto, F. (under review). Validation of the Spanish version of the Young Adult Alcohol Consequences Questionnaire (S-YAACQ).











By Boaz Yiftach, published on 06 November 2010

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